Cell C Night Data Times

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Cell C Nite Data Times

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Cell C is one of the top telecom operators in the country, and it offers night data plans to customers who stay up late. Over the years, lots of people have thought of ways to convert their remaining night data to day data. This will allow them to use it during the day, past the Cell C night data times, without needing a new data bundle. 


If you do not finish your night data during the Cell C night data times, then it will expire and you have wasted money. In today’s piece, we will talk about how to convert night data into a day data bundle. You might be able to save your night data with this. 

How to Convert Night Data to Day Data Cell C

Getting to convert night data to day data on Cell C is not feasible at all as the telecom operator prevents customers from doing this. Unfortunately, any remaining data on your night time bundle will expire once it is past the Cell C night data times. 

How To Change Cell C Nite Data To Day Data

Like I said earlier, it is not possible to change Cell C nite data to day data bundle to use during the day. In situations like this, you will have to subscribe to a new data bundle that will be used during the day for any of your internet needs. 

Why Convert Cell C Night Data Bundle

Not finishing your night data bundle is the major reason why most people look for ways to convert their night data bundle to day data. Imagine only using a tiny fraction of your night data bundle because your phone went off due to a low battery. Or not being able to use the night plan due to an unstable network. In instances like this, you would definitely think about converting it to day data so it doesn’t go to waste.

How Much Night Data Can You Buy?

Cell C Nite Data is a great type of bundle to buy as it is faster than normal due to the fact that during the Cell C night times, less users are on the network. 

Cell C night bundle is available from 1AM to 7AM, a total of 6 hours. If you want to stay up during the night, it gives great value for money.

As for the question – how much night data can you buy? – well, the answer is simple, there is no limit to the amount of nite data bundles that you can buy. It is unlimited and you can buy it again in the same night if you need more data. One thing to note is that the expiring time is still the same regardless of when purchased. All bundles will expire at 7AM so if you buy a new nite data bundle at 5AM, you have 2 hours to use it. 

How to check Cell C Night Data

If you want to check the Cell C night data bundle, follow the steps below.

There are two ways to check your Cell C night data bundle.

  • First, using USSD code, dial *101# on your Phone app.
  • Second, using Cell C Mobile App, install the Cell C Mobile app on your phone and open it to check your night bundle. 

How do you buy Cell C data?

Just like the question above, there are two ways to buy a Cell C data bundle on your mobile phone. You can either use the mobile app or use the USSD code.

  • Dial *147#, and select the type of data bundle you want to buy then follow the instructions laid out.
  • Open the Cell C app, navigate to the Data section, look for the option to buy a data bundle and click on it, select the bundle you want to buy, follow the prompts.

Cell C Midnight Data Times?

Just like other night plan bundles, the Cell C Night data has a specific period where it is valid. Outside this specified period, you will not be able to use the data bundle.

Cell C night data times are between 1AM and 7AM. During this period, you would be able to use the night bundle but outside it, your normal data plan will be charged.

How do you check Cell C data offers?

Cell C does make some cool data offers available to users and you need to know how to check them out. There are two ways to check Cell C data offers; using the USSD code or the Cell C mobile app. Dial *147# or open the Cell C mobile application. 

What time does midnight data for Cell C end?

The Cell C night data bundle ends at 7AM in the early hours of the day. The cell C night data times are between 1AM and 7AM every day like I have said earlier.

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