Gwede Mantashe Biography: Age, Wife, Salary, Net Worth & Contact

gwede mantashe salary

Gwede Mantashe Biography: Age, Wife, Salary, Net Worth & Contact

gwede mantashe salary

Gwede Mantashe is a prominent figure in South African politics, known for his significant contributions to the African National Congress (ANC) and his instrumental role in shaping the nation’s political landscape. With a career spanning several decades, Mantashe’s journey from a humble background to a key political figure has left a lasting impact on the country’s governance. In this biography, we delve into the life, achievements, and profile details of Gwede Mantashe, highlighting his remarkable political career and the role he has played in shaping South Africa.

Profile Details:

Name Gwede Mantashe
Date of Birth June 21, 1955
Place of Birth Lower Cala, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Nationality South African
Occupation Politician
Political Party African National Congress (ANC)
Wife Nolwandle Mantashe
Twitter @GwedeMantashe
Contact PHONE: 012 444 3999 FAX: 012 444 3145

Early Life and Political Awakening:

Gwede Mantashe was born on June 21, 1955, in Lower Cala, a rural village in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Growing up in a politically charged environment during the apartheid era, Mantashe was exposed to the injustices of the regime from a young age. This exposure, combined with his passion for justice and equality, laid the foundation for his future political activism.

Union and Mining Career:

Before delving into full-time politics, Gwede Mantashe worked as a mineworker and was actively involved in trade unions. He became a member of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the union’s general secretary. His tenure as the NUM’s leader saw him play a pivotal role in advocating for workers’ rights and welfare.

Rise to Prominence in the ANC:

Gwede Mantashe’s involvement in trade unions caught the attention of the African National Congress (ANC), a liberation movement fighting against apartheid. His dedication to the struggle for justice and his exceptional leadership qualities led him to become a prominent figure within the ANC. Mantashe’s tireless efforts and commitment to the ANC’s principles earned him respect among party members.

Role in Post-Apartheid South Africa:

With the end of apartheid and the transition to democracy, Gwede Mantashe played a crucial role in shaping South Africa’s political landscape. He became actively involved in various leadership positions within the ANC and the South African government. Mantashe’s understanding of the complexities of the nation’s challenges and his pragmatic approach to governance earned him recognition as a skilled statesman.

ANC Secretary-General:

In 2007, Gwede Mantashe was elected as the Secretary-General of the ANC, marking a significant milestone in his political career. As Secretary-General, he became one of the ANC’s key decision-makers and played a vital role in the party’s internal affairs and policy-making. Mantashe’s leadership during this period was marked by his dedication to unity and transformation within the ANC.

Ministerial Appointments:

Throughout his political career, Gwede Mantashe has held several ministerial positions in the South African government. He served as the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, where he contributed to the regulation and management of the country’s mining and energy sectors. His tenure was marked by efforts to strike a balance between the economic interests of the mining industry and the welfare of the workforce.

Challenges and Controversies:

Like any public figure, Gwede Mantashe has faced challenges and controversies during his career. Some critics have raised concerns about the ANC’s policies and governance, leading to debates and discussions about the party’s direction. Despite these challenges, Mantashe has remained steadfast in his commitment to the ANC’s vision and ideals.


Gwede Mantashe’s journey from a humble village in the Eastern Cape to a prominent figure in South African politics is a testament to his determination and dedication to the fight for justice and equality. As a key figure within the ANC and the South African government, his contributions have helped shape the nation’s post-apartheid trajectory. While his career has not been without challenges, Gwede Mantashe’s commitment to public service and his role in the country’s governance make him a significant figure in South African politics. As he continues to serve the nation, his legacy as a pillar of the ANC and a driving force for change will be remembered for generations to come.


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