How To Borrow Airtime From Telkom

Telkom Airtime Advance

Telkom is a leading telecommunications operator in South Africa with millions of customers spread across the country. In times of emergency, it is possible to borrow airtime from Telkom. In this article, I will show you how to borrow airtime from Telkom when you are running low on airtime. 

This service is not for everyone but those who qualify and get to borrow airtime and data, and pay back on other next recharge. This is aimed at helping regular customers so they can access services if even they run out of airtime. The amount of airtime that you can borrow is dependent on how many recharges you used to make on your account, how long you’ve actively used the network, etc. 

How To Borrow Telkom Emergency Airtime

If you want to borrow Telkom emergency airtime, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

What Is The Code Used To Borrow Telkom Emergency Airtime

The USSD code used if you want to borrow airtime from Telkom is *180#. After dialing it, select Emergency Top Up from the list of options that are displayed.

How Much Airtime Can I Borrow On Telkom

There is no certain answer to the question of how much airtime you can borrow on Telkom as there are lots of deciding factors. However, there is a range of airtime available, and they are R3, R5, R10, and R15. 

As you can see, if you want to borrow R12, it is not available so you have to choose the nearest amount to it, either R10 or R15. 

Who Can Borrow Airtime on Telkom?

With Telkom, you can borrow airtime when you need to. However, there is a requirement that determines who can borrow airtime on Telkom. 

You have to have been using that Telkom line for more than 6 months whether as a prepaid or a top customer. It is quite understandable to want to give a customer that has been on the network for quite some time.

With this emergency top up service, you can make calls and send SMS texts if you do not have sufficient balance and can’t buy airtime immediately. You can then pay back later when you can buy airtime.

If you meet the requirements, you can use the Telkom portal or mobile app to access the Emergency Top Up service if you have been registered there.

Can I Buy Data With Telkom Emergency Airtime?

It is not possible to buy data with your Telkom emergency data. 

However, you can choose to borrow data instead of airtime if that is what you need at the moment. This is on the list of options when borrowing airtime. 

So keep it in mind that if you borrow airtime, you cannot use it to pay for a data bundle to access the internet. 

How Do I Get Airtime Advance On Telkom

Like I have stated earlier, if you want to get airtime advance on Telkom, you have to meet the set requirements.

With the Telkom mobile app, you can get access to Telkom Emergency Top Up service as long as you meet the requirements, and are registered on the Telkom Portal.

Is A Subscriber Charged When Airtime Is Borrowed On Telkom

Yes, you are going to be charged a service fee when you borrow airtime from Telkom. The service fee for each time airtime is borrowed on Telkom is R1.10. This service fee will be added to the amount you borrowed ie service fee + borrowed amount. 

When paying back, you will pay the total amount you borrowed plus the service fee charged. Also, you have to repay the amount fully before you would be allowed to borrow airtime again. 

A quick explanation; if a person borrows R15, the total amount to repay will be R15 + R1.10 (R16.10). If the person recharges R20, the R16.10 will be deducted leaving a R3.90 balance.

Can I Transfer Borrowed Airtime On Telkom To Another Number?

It is not possible to transfer borrowed airtime on Telkom to another number. If you borrow airtime, only you can use it, and you can’t transfer it to any Telkom customer.

If the other Telkom customer meets the requirements for Emergency Top Up service, they can borrow airtime themself instead. Also, you can ask the person to make the call or send the SMS using your phone. 

As a Telkom customer, after meeting the requirements, you will only be able to use the Emergency Top Up service when you’re in South Africa.

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