How To Cancel Rain Sim

How To Deactivate Rain Sim Card


Rain is a popular mobile network provider company in South Africa, and it has lots of users spread across the country. The company is known for providing relatively affordable data plans with good network coverage. If you need to cancel the Rain SIM subscription, keep on reading as that’s what this article will discuss.

Rain has made it quite easy to cancel your SIM as there are multiple methods for you to use whether it’s online or offline or via call. I will guide you on how to cancel Rain SIM subscription following all the methods available. 

Can You Cancel Your Rain SIM Card Anytime?

Going straight to the point, Yes, it is possible to cancel your Rain SIM card subscription anytime that you like. It is not a contract with a fixed period so you can terminate it whenever you want to. Also, since you’re not breaking any contract terms, you won’t be charged a termination or cancellation fee. 

However, if you have any unpaid balance for using the network, you will have to pay it before the cancellation is approved and completed. This is something contract users should note as it is not an issue prepaid users will face. 

How Do I Deactivate My Rain SIM?

If you want to deactivate your Rain SIM card, follow the steps below. 

If you can’t use the method above, get in contact with Rain customer service by any means (live chat, email, call), then request for your SIM to be deactivated. You will verify your identity by answering some questions. 

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Rain SIM?

If you do not pay for the services you enjoyed on your Rain SIM card, your account will be suspended. There is usually a 30-day grace period for you to complete the payment but if you default, your SIM will be suspended. You won’t be able to use any of the services provided by the company. 

If you still did not pay during the period where your SIM card was suspended, your account may be closed and SIM card deactivated. This is bad as you will suffer late payment penalties. There is a chance of your credit score being reduced after the company reports to the credit bureau.

It is important to always pay for Rain SIM to prevent the consequences that come with defaulting the payment. If you are having issues when trying to pay, make sure to contact Rain customer service. 

Steps To Cancel Your Rain Account

If you want to cancel your Rain SIM, make sure to follow the steps below.

It is important to make sure there are no outstanding balances on your account because you would have to pay it before your account is canceled. Contact Rain customer service if you are having any issues when trying to cancel your Rain account. 

How To Cancel Rain 5G In South Africa

Rain 5G is another top feature offered by the company, if you want to cancel the Rain 5G plan in South Africa, follow the steps below. 

Why Do People Cancel Their Rain Accounts?

There are many reasons why people might want to cancel their Rain accounts, some of them are;

Regardless of the reasons, if you want to successfully cancel your Rain SIM card, follow our guide.

How Do I Cancel Rain Order In South Africa?

If you want to cancel a Rain order in South Africa, follow the steps below.

If the option is not showing on the app, you can also contact Rain customer service and see if they can help out.

What Happens When You Cancel Your Rain Account?

If you happen to cancel your Rain account, here are some of things that are going to happen afterwards.

Now, we have come to the end of this article showing you how to cancel Rain SIM card in South Africa.

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