How To Load Vodacom Airtime

How To Recharge Vodacom Airtime

How To Recharge Vodacom Airtime – This is a question that every Vodacom user must have asked at a point. It is normal to recharge your airtime as it cannot last forever especially when you use it to call or buy data or send text messages. 

There are different ways you can use to recharge Vodacom airtime on your phone, and in this article, I’ll go through all of them. I’ll also answer any questions that you might have. Without wasting much of our time, let’s get right into today’s article so you can recharge your airtime on Vodacom with ease.

How To Recharge Vodacom Airtime

Now, we are going to answer this question that has been asked multiple times. I am going to show the ways that you can use to recharge Vodacom airtime and how to do that. 

Here are some of the ways you can use to recharge airtime on Vodacom;

What Is The USSD Code For Vodacom Recharge?

Recharging airtime using USSD code is quite common in South Africa. If you want to know  the USSD code for Vodacom recharge, read below. 

The USSD code for Vodacom recharge is *136*01*voucher pin#. To recharge, you need input the voucher pin before the hash symbol. 

How Do You Recharge Vodacom Airtime With The USSD Code?

Now, if you want to recharge Vodacom airtime with the USSD code, follow the steps below.

First, go and purchase a Vodacom airtime voucher from a seller. Buy the same value of airtime that you want to recharge.

Scratch the airtime voucher to reveal the voucher pin.

Now, dial *136*01*the voucher pin you saw after scratching#

Once, all that is set, tap Send and wait for a message notifying you of the successful recharge.

How Do I Recharge Vodacom Airtime Online?

A lot of things are now done online and recharging airtime is not excluded. This is the most convenient way to recharge Vodacom airtime. Follow the steps below to see how to recharge Vodacom airtime online with ease. 

How To Recharge Pre-paid Vodacom Airtime?

This is quite different from what we discussed above as the process required is quite different based on your type of substance. Pre paid users may have a different USSD code from contract users. 

To recharge pre paid Vodacom airtime, do this;

How Do I Buy Vodacom Airtime With Voucher?

Compared to other options in this article, this is quite conventional and old fashioned. However, if you want buy Vodacom airtime with voucher, follow the steps below. 

Where Can I Buy Vodacom Airtime?

Vodacom airtime can be bought almost anywhere irrespective of where you are resided. Go to any store around you and ask for Vodacom airtime voucher. 

Can I Recharge Vodacom Airtime With The Vodacom App?

It is possible for you to recharge Vodacom airtime with the Vodacom app. All you have to do is install the app, the register and login with your phone number. Now, go to the Airtime tab and follow the procedures to buy airtime.

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