How To Make Rain Network Faster

how to boost rain network, how to make rain network faster

How To Make Rain Network Faster

how to boost rain network, how to make rain network faster

Rain is one of the mobile network providers in South Africa, they are known for their affordable services. In some situations, you may feel that your network is a bit slow, but do not worry. In this piece, I will be showing you how to make Rain network faster so you can get yourself out of that slow network problem.

How to Boost Rain Network Speed

If your Rain network speed is slow, it is possible to do something to boost the speed. Here are some of the things you can do to boost your Rain network speed. 

  • Get a signal booster: This is a device that helps to boost the network signal in a place like your home or car. It amplifies the network signal and sends a better and refined signal to the target area. This will help to boost Rain network speed if you’re in an area with questionable coverage.
  • Use a wired connection: Instead of using Wi-Fi connection if you have a Rain broadband service, use a wired connection whether it be Ethernet or USB. They are known to be more stable and faster than Wi-Fi 
  • Update your software: Sometimes, your phone may be having poor network speed due to a bug. Updating your phone’s software to its latest version will help to fix bugs and improve general performance. 
  • Scan for malware on your device: A malware on your device can use your internet connection without your knowledge, and it can cause slow network speeds. Install an antivirus to scan for malwares, and get rid of them. 
  • Clear your device’s cache: If it is a particular app that issues with the network speed, you can choose to clear the cache of that app. This is known to help improve network speeds.
  • Contact customer service: Well, this is the last resort if the network speed is too slow, contact customer service and make a complaint. They can help to fix the issue or let you know if it’s a temporary downtime. 

These are some of the things that you can do if you are having poor network speeds on Rain and are looking to boost it. Getting a signal booster, using a wired connection, updating your software, cleaning cache, and getting rid of malwares can help to boost Rain network speed. Also, don’t forget to contact customer service if nothing changes.

Why Does Rain Have Connectivity Issues?

Well, just like every other telecom operator, Rain also experiences connectivity issues. There are different reasons for that but here are some of the common reasons why Rain has connectivity issues. 

  • Network maintenance: Maintenance is needed to make sure Rain infrastructures run properly. This is a good thing but as a user, it is common to experience connectivity issues when a maintenance is being carried out. 
  • Network upgrade: It is normal for telecom operators to carry out system upgrade and a normal theme during upgrade is system downtime. 
  • Network congestion: When there are too many people on a network at the same period, it leads to congestions. The users will experience slow speeds and other connectivity issues. Browsing at night helps to avoid this.
  • Bad weather: Most telecom infrastructures perform very well in good weather conditions so heavy rain, thunderstorms, strong winds can cause network issues. 
  • Faulty infrastructure: Sometimes, if a network equipment like a cell tower develops a fault, it can lead to connectivity issues. And sometimes, it can be a technical issue also.
  • Coverage area: If you’re not in an area where Rain has strong network coverage, it will lead to weak connection and even dropouts sometimes.
  • Also, if your modem or router is faulty, it can lead to a poor network. In a situation like this, you would have to get it fixed or get a brand new one. Also, your router or modem might not be compatible with Rain network bands. 

To prevent frequent connectivity issues, Rain carries out frequent maintenance to fix technical issues. Also, they carry out upgrades on current infrastructure to increase network coverage area and capacity. 

On your end, you can take steps to improve your connection by moving to places with strong network coverage, avoiding peak hours, etc. 

In conclusion, it is normal to experience connectivity issues when using Rain, just like any other operator. The company is continually taking steps to prevent connectivity issues from their end by making improvements to infrastructure. If you want to make Rain network faster, then follow the tips in this piece.

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