Khuli Chana Biography: Age, Girlfriend, Albums, Songs & Net Worth

khuli chana age

Khuli Chana Biography: Age, Girlfriend, Albums, Songs & Net Worth

Khuli Chana is a multi-talented South African celebrity known for his electrifying performances, unique style, and thought-provoking lyrics. As a prominent figure in the South African hip-hop scene, he has made a significant impact with his music and captivating stage presence. In this article, we delve into the life, achievements, and profile details of Khuli Chana, shedding light on his extraordinary journey in the world of music.

khuli chana age

Profile Details:

Name Khulane Morule, known as Khuli Chana
Date of Birth born 27 August 1982
Place of Birth Mmabatho
Nationality South African
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur
Girlfriend DJ Lamiez Holworthy
Record Label Mythron Entertainment
Instagram @khulichana01
Twitter @Khuli Chana
Net Worth $2.5 Million

Early Life and Musical Beginnings:

Khuli Chana, born Khulane Morule, was born and raised in [Insert Place of Birth]. From a young age, he was drawn to the art of hip-hop, fascinated by its power to convey emotions and tell stories. Inspired by legendary artists such as KRS-One and Tupac Shakur, Khuli Chana honed his skills and began crafting his unique sound.

Rise to Prominence:

Khuli Chana’s breakthrough came with his debut album, “MotswakOriginator,” released in [Insert Year]. The album showcased his distinctive style, blending traditional Motswako sounds with contemporary hip-hop elements. Khuli Chana’s magnetic personality, clever wordplay, and catchy hooks resonated with audiences, propelling him to the forefront of the South African music scene.

Career Milestones and Awards:

Throughout his career, Khuli Chana has achieved numerous milestones and garnered accolades for his exceptional talent. Some of his notable achievements include winning the South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Newcomer, Album of the Year, and Best Rap Album. His collaboration with other prominent artists, both locally and internationally, has further solidified his reputation as a respected figure in the industry.

Musical Style and Influences:

Khuli Chana’s music embodies the spirit of Motswako, a subgenre of hip-hop that originated in Botswana and has since gained popularity in South Africa. His lyrics reflect his personal experiences, societal issues, and cultural pride, resonating with a diverse range of listeners. Khuli Chana’s ability to seamlessly fuse Motswako with other musical genres has allowed him to push creative boundaries and maintain a distinct musical identity.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

In addition to his music career, Khuli Chana has demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen. He founded Mythron Entertainment, a record label and creative agency that focuses on nurturing and promoting emerging talent in the industry. Through this venture, Khuli Chana actively contributes to the growth and development of South African music.

Social Impact and Philanthropy:

Khuli Chana recognizes the importance of using his platform for social change. He is actively involved in philanthropic initiatives that uplift and empower communities. His dedication to making a positive impact on society extends beyond his music, demonstrating his commitment to being a role model and catalyst for change.

Future Prospects:

As Khuli Chana continues to evolve as an artist, fans eagerly anticipate his future projects and collaborations. His dedication to his craft, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to artistic growth ensure that his musical journey will be one filled with innovation and success.


Khuli Chana’s influence on the South African music scene is immeasurable. With his unique blend of Motswako and hip-hop, he has captured the hearts of fans both locally and internationally. Beyond his musical prowess, Khuli Chana’s entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropic efforts make him a well-rounded and admired figure. As he continues to push creative boundaries and inspire others, Khuli Chana solidifies his position as a trailblazer in South African hip-hop and a beacon of artistic excellence.

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