Telkom Night Surfer Times

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Telkom Night Data Times

telkom night data times, what time does telkom night surfer start, night surfer data times, when does telkom night surfer start

Telkom is arguably the biggest telecommunications operator in South Africa. If you are a night crawler, then the Telkom night surfer plan is one you should take a look at. The plan gives you unlimited data during the Telkom night surfer times for all your activities. 

With Telkom night surfer, you can enjoy unlimited data and get rid of any data limits that you have on your other data plans. With this plan, you would be able to stream movies and TV shows, download files, and many more with no limit during the Telkom night surfer times. 

In this piece, I will go through the Telkom night surfer times so you can benefit from it properly when you stay up very late. Without wasting much time, let’s get right into it.

What Are Telkom Night Hours

The Telkom night surfer data plan is a special type of bundle, and it allows you to have unlimited internet access from midnight till 7AM in the morning.

As expected, during these late hours, there are not many people on the network so there’s no congestion. This will improve the download and upload speeds so you can have a seamless experience whether you’re streaming or downloading, or just browsing.

Telkom specially created this plan to help out those who stay up late at night. It is a good plan for playing online games as they have unlimited data and a very good network. It is favorable to students as you get more data but pay less than you would have paid if it was a day plan. 

Some benefits that come with Telkom night time data plan include uninterrupted access to data, fast network speeds, low latency for gamers, and many more. With this plan, you can transform how you view the night hours. 

How Do I Use Telkom Night Surfer Data During The Day?

The Telkom Night Surfer Data is active between 12AM and 7AM. If you use any data outside this period, it would be charged to your regular data balance that you have left on your Telkom bundle. 

If you want to use the Telkom Night Surfer Data during the day, here are some things to do to make it more feasible. 

Time your activities: The Telkom Night Surfer Data is still active during the early hours from 4AM to 7AM. If you want to use more data during the day, wake a bit earlier and take advantage of the plan’s unlimited data.

Try extra data options: With Telkom night plan, you get to use more data and to replicate this during the day, you can try out plans to top up your data balance. There are also additional promotional offers from Telkom that give you extra data during the day.

What Time Is Telkom Night Surfer Data During The Day?

Telkom Night Surfer Data gives you interrupted access to the internet during the specified hours (12AM to 7AM). It doesn’t work during the day so your main data bundle will be charged. If you stream, download massive files, or online gaming outside the specified hours, your regular data will be charged.

What Time Is Telkom Night Surfer 100GB

Telkom Night Surfer 100GB data is only available for usage from 12AM to 7PM. Sometimes, Telkom’s specific policies and promotions at the time may make the timing to change slightly. Generally, Telkom Night Surfer 100GB will work between midnight and 7:00 AM.

Make sure to enjoy the unlimited internet access during this period. Carry out any data-intensive you want to do during these hours. However, be watchful of the timing of the Night Surfer 100GB plan so you don’t use more than the limit.

What Time Does Telkom 2gb Night Data Start?

Telkom 2GB night data starts exactly at midnight, and you can use it till 7AM in the early hours of the day. During this period, you have access to the 2GV balance for internet needs be it streaming or downloading. This plan is also known to enjoy higher network speeds as there’s no network congestion. 

To subscribe to Telkom 2GB night data, dial the appropriate code provided by the telecom company. Once this is done, you would have access to the data which can be used for all your needs.

Make sure to frequently check with Telkom customer service to get every key info to gain the Night Surfer Data.

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